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Napalm (1986-2000): a Thrash Metal band from Whitestone, New York, USA.
Originally known as Combat, the thrash metal trio Napalm secured a record deal with 'Combat Records' (no relation, but the label forced them to change their name to Napalm). Their first release was a self-titled EP under the line-up of Chris Weidner (vocals/bass), Jeff Rossbach (guitar) and Rex Rossbach (drums) in 1986, printed as a part of 'Combat's' Bootcamp compilation series. The EP was an energetic bust of thrash metal, and one of the better sellers of the series. Despite already having a long-term deal with 'Combat' (the label), the band and label couldn't agree on the future and the original lineup folded.

When Wiedner recruited a new group in the form of Chris Weidner (bass/vocals), Chris Liggio (guitar/vocals), Jeff Lombardi (guitar) and Robert Proimos (drums) 'Combat' wasn't interested anymore and nullified the contract.

'SPV' picked Napalm up to release their first full-length album, Cruel Tranquility (1989). Wiedner himself was ousted from the band shortly thereafter with Brett Roth taking over his bass duties. By the time of 1990s Zero to Black Napalm's style was less thrash metal and more power metal based; this album proving to be the least representative of their style. Though the band subsequently closed up, the Rossbach brothers (two-thirds of the original lineup) are still active in the music business, having resurrected the old Combat to eventually record several new albums.

Footnote: Their Napalm EP was re-released in 1999 with the Have Mercy Power Metal Mad EPs.

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