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Tyrant (1983-1995, 1997-present): a Thrash Metal band from Los Angeles, California, USA.
First appearing on the 'Metal Blade' compilation Metal Massacre III in 1983, Tyrant arrived with the promising track The Battle Of Armageddon. Tyrant subsequently signed to 'Metal Blade' shortly later with the membership Glen May (vocals), Rocky Rockwell (guitar), Greg May (bass) and Rob Roy (drums). Their debut album, Legions Of The Dead (1985), was an over-all disappointing endeavor by emphasizing their leather and spike Judas Priest and power metal/thrash metal style more than the production or musical content. G. Stanley Burtis replaced Rob Roy before their second release, Too Late To Pray (1987), emerged. The album was an improvement over their past effort with slightly more approachable music (only slightly), but it still failed to impress just about anyone, so they split.

In 1995 the original members (except with a new drummer: Tom Meadows) attempted a come back with King Of Kings on the 'Semaphore' label in Europe. It received equally little interest over-all. Tyrant were not heard from again until 2009 when they began touring again to eventually release Hereafter (2020) under the membership of Greg May (bass), Rocky Rockwell (guitars), Ronnie Wallace (drums) and Robert Lowe (vocals).Footnote: Do not confuse this Tyrant with others of the same name from all over the place: Tyrant (power metal from Colorado Springs, Colorado (pre-Jag Panzer)) Tyrant (doom metal from California (pre-Saint Vitus)) Tyrant (speed metal/thrash metal from Los Angeles, California) Tyrant (thrash metal from Menominee Falls, Wisconsin) Tyrant (thrash metal from Lansing, Michigan)Also: A Recording called Mean Machine by a band dubbed Tyrant on the 'Skull' label out of West Germany emerged in 1984. Further to this, there has also been a Canadian act named Tyrant and an Australian one too.

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Nation USA
City Los Angeles, California
Promotional Address Unknown
Genre Thrash Metal
Reformations 2
Web Unknown
Active Years 1983-1995, 1997-
E-Mail Unknown
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