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Morgion (1990-2000, 2002-2012): a Death Metal band from Costa Mesa, California, USA.
Seeking to create music like that of Entombed, Autopsy, Morbid Angel and Paradise Lost, Jeremy Peto (vocals/bass), started Morgion in 1990 along with Rhett Davis (drums) and Dwayne Boardman (guitar) by practicing in closed sessions for some two years, eventually culminating in a five-song demo titled Rabid Decay, not to mention numerous live shows in 1992. In 1993, Morgion recorded two tracks for Travesty, a 7" release. With the addition of Bobby Thomas (guitar) and Ed Parker (keyboards) in 1994, Morgion began a new chapter of incorporating intricate melodies and atmospherics on top of their death metal influences into their music.

Soon after their founding, Morgion recorded nearly an hour of material, much of which became incorporated into their 1996 debut album, Among Majestic Ruin, so named by the 'Relapse' label. With its intense doom and atmospheric sound, the album proved to be a surprise to many and ended off being a successful debut. Two Celtic Frost cover tracks, Innocence And Wrath and The Usurper, were also recorded for the In Memory of Celtic Frost (1996) tribute compilation album shortly later.

Morgion would deliver a set of live performances over the next year and a half, punctuated by their appearance at the 1997 Milwaukee Metalfest. But some turbulence in the band caused both Thomas and Parker to leave and be replaced by Gary Griffith in both positions shortly later.

With Solinari (1999), Morgion delivered a record that carried epic doom metal heaviness and atmospherics into the millennium and beyond. Solinari merged the two extremes of beauty and power, carving a passageway to musical escapism. Popular attention was not to come, however, and they split up. They were silent for some time but returned in 2002 to produce again with the modified line-up of Dwayne Boardman (guitar), Gary Griffith (guitar/keyboards), Justin Christian (bass), Rhett Davis (drums) and, after their 2003 European tour, Adrian Leroux (ex-Mindrot; vocals) joined as they initiated a separation from their deal with 'Relapse' to join the 'Dark Symphonies' label to record Cloaked By Ages, Crowned In Earth, eventually released in April 2004. The compilations, Morgion: The Relapse Years (2008) would follow. But it was not long after that internal squabbling sent the members splitting again. Morgion: God of Death & Disease would be released posthumously in 2012.

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Nation USA
City Costa Mesa, California
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Genre Death Metal
Reformations 2
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Active Years 1990-2000, 2002-2012
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