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Syba (2001-present): a Musician from San Marino, San Marino.
Assuming the name Syba, Francesco Franchini started his music career with several local bands culminating in heading the 80's New Wave act Syberia. He started playing guitar at age 12. He was privately tutored in acoustic guitar in Bologna, Italy, learning songs by Duke Baker, Doyle Dykes and Billy McLaughlin. Later he advanced on to learn electric guitar under the influence of the works of Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and Vinnie Moore.

After he left the local bands, he headed Syberia, a '80's style New Wave act, he would go solo to record Puppets and XperiencE. The duo EP albums featured him as a one-man-band performing all guitars while using a computer and MIDI equipment to synthesize the drums and keyboards. Puppets proved to be the more mature project, each track related to one another, and even the cover art of his own concept. XperiencE was another all-instrumental effort covering 3 local classical folk tracks and 6 more of his own composition in 2005.

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Nation San Marino
City San Marino
Promotional Address Via Del Progesso, 13,
47898 Montegiardino (R.
of San Marino)
Genre Musician
Reformations 1
Active Years 2001-
E-Mail Unknown
Last Modified Unknown
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