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Sabaton (1999-present): a Power Metal band from Falun, Dalarna, Sweden.
The debut Primo Victoria (2005) featuring Joakim Brodén (vocals/keyboards/songwriting/lyrics), Pär Sundström (bass, lyrics), Rikard Sundén (guitars), Oskar Montelius (guitars) and Daniel Mullback (drums) was not supposed to be their debut after renaming themselves from Aeon, a short-lived act lasting less than a year. No, the original debut was supposed to be Metalizer (2007), their third effort. Metalizer originally was recorded in 2002 and was supposed to be distributed by 'Underground Symphony'. After two years waiting, Sabaton abandoned the album and found a new record company to release the self-financed Primo Victoria. 'Black Lodge Records' eventually acquired the rights to Metalizer and released it in 2007.

All keyboards up to and including Primo Victoria were played by singer Joakim Broden. After the release of the album, Daniel Mÿhr joined as a permanent member. The band have had several unnamed former keyboard players that were never involved for any great length of time. Broden was originally solely the keyboard player and became vocalist on a stand-in basis, which eventually became the permanent arrangement. Mÿhr would appear on the sophomore effort, Attero Dominatus (2006).

The Art of War (2008), Coat of Arms (2010), Carolus Rex (2012) would come before it was announced that Sundén, Montelius, Mÿhr and Mullback had left the band all at once that March. On April 2nd 2012, drummer Robban Bäck and guitarists Thobbe Englund and Chris Rörland were introduced as their successors. That 2012 album, Carolus Rex reached platinum sales in Sweden, making Sabaton the first Swedish heavy metal band ever to do so.

The new membership would be first seen on Heroes (2014), The Last Stand (2016) and The Great War (2019) when Tommy Johansson took over guitars from Englund. The Soundtrack to the Great War (2019) and The War to End All Wars (2022) followed.


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Nation Sweden
City Falun, Dalarna
Promotional Address Unknown
Genre Power Metal
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Active Years 1999-
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