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British Lion (2012-present): a Hard Rock band from London, UK.
It started as a side project for Iron Maiden founder Steve Harris in an effort to play shorter hard rock-oriented songs that allowed him to experiment with different bass guitar styles in front of smaller audiences like he did during Iron Maiden's early years.

Featuring the membership of Steve Harris (bass/keyboards), Richard Taylor (vocals), David Hawkins (guitar/keyboards), Grahame Leslie (guitar) and Simon Dawson (drums), the band's tours were typically scheduled after the conclusion of Iron Maiden's.

The self-titled debut released in 2012 was marketed as a solo album by Harris with the other members relegated as his backing band. By the second release, The Burning (2020), however, this marketing plan seemed to have been reconsidered featuring most songs written by Harris but also credited was Taylor and Hawkins.

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