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Weapon (2003-2013): a Black Metal band from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
This version of Weapon formed in 2003 as a project of Vetis Monarch in Calgary, Canada. Soon after, however, Vetis temporarily moved to his birthplace of Dhaka, Bangladesh. It was here where the Within the Flesh of the Satanist (2004) demo and the Violated Hejab EP (2005) were recorded. In 2005, he moved back to Canada, but to Edmonton instead of Calgary where the membership of Vetis Monarch (Real Name: Mashruk Huq; vocals/guitars (lead)), Agni Nethra (Real Name: Chris Ross; bass), Arcan of Death (Real Name: Lee Norland; drums) and Menschenfiend (guitars (rhythm)) would release Para Bhakti... Salvation EP (2008).

It would be a whole new support line-up for Vetis for the release of Drakonian Paradigm (2009) where he had recruited Vileblood Dahcnial (guitars (lead, rhythm, acoustic)), Sabazios Diabolus (Real Name: Bernard Asquin; bass) and The Disciple (drums/percussion), and again for the release of From the Devil's Tomb (2010) where Apostle VIII (Real Name: Dylan Atkinson) and organKha Tumos (Real Name: Eric Lampimaki) had taken over guitars and bass respectively.

Embers and Revelations (2012) would see Rom Surtr (Real Name: Shaun Johnson) take over guitars but it would be the last album for the band for after the Naga: Daemonum Praeteritum (2013) compilation, they called it quits.

By the time Weapon gave up the ghost, however, they had left a trail of destruction in their path. Not once but at least twice they forced other bands under the name Weapon to change their names, both one in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada as well as the UK act, claiming the other two were in infringement on their brand name. Strange that this claim would have succeeded since the UK act had the name since 1979; in law cases and lawyers it is usually the party with the most proof (or money) that wins. Nonetheless, for whatever reason, after getting these two acts to relinquish their names, Weapon (this one) folded a year later.

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Nation Canada
City Calgary, Alberta
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Genre Black Metal
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Active Years 2003-2013
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