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The Dehumanizers (1984-present): a Punk band from Seattle, Washington, USA.
It started as a bet between brothers David Ulysses Portnow and his older brother, Infra Ed, that he would have greater success playing the unique style of skate-punk music filled with humor, drug references, and politics he (Dave) preferred, as opposed to playing as a union musician playing covers at parties, company functions, and bar mitzvahs that he was currently employed in. David came up with the band name and created a band logo. The brothers were jump started rather suddenly by receiving international orders for a non-existent demo tape entitled "Save The World". Infra Ed laid down each instrument on each song that Dave wrote, and soon after, the non-existent demo, marketed by Dave, became a reality under the title The Post-Nuke Boys as a rare single sided cassette tape in 1985. There was one problem, although the two brothers were clever and industrious, they still didn't have a proper band.

Zoli Semenate (guitar) was then recruited, along with John 'Mort' Mortensen (bass) for the Kill Lou Guzzo EP (1986). Mort would then leave unexpectedly. The follow-up, End Of Time (1988), featured the line-up Infra Ed, Zoli, and two new players, Joe Daut (vocals) and Phil Bentz (bass).

Here's To You (1988) followed, featuring the Kill Lou Guzzo line up on side "A", and Joe Daut, Infra Ed, Lonnie Troll, and Muddy Watanabe on the "B"; Phil Bentz had taken a leave of absence.

Go Hollywood (1990) would feature, yet again, a different line-up, featuring Infra Ed, Phil Bentz, along with Keith Livingston.

The compilation First Five Years (of Drug Use) Anthology (2008), Retro As Hell (2010), Save The World/Post-Nuke Boys ?(2014) and Fresh Corn And Premium Bananas (2017) would follow.

The constant line-up changes evolved from necessity from incarceration and illnesses brought on by rough lifestyles, drug use, and other, rather than loss of interest. Didn't know about this band? Most people don't as the band's highest notoriety has been from singles released on numerous independent compilation discs over the years, specifically Complete Death II in 1987.

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Nation USA
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