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Cephalectomy (1997-2012): a Death Metal band from Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada.
Playing a mix of epic, technical, black, death, grind, and progressive metal that they self-described as "Northern Mystigrind", Cephalectomy would feature the style on the recordings Sign of Chaos (2000), Eclipsing the Dawn (2004), Cephalectomy/Bound in Human Flesh split (2005), The Dream Cycle Mythos EP (2008) and An Epitaph to Tranquility (2009) after releasing two demos Gateway to the Gods (1997) and Dark Waters Rise (1998). The act would fold in 2012 with the membership of Jason Nichols (vocals/bass), Corey Andrews (guitars/vocals) and Scott Armstrong (bass) but formerly also featured Mike Mahar (bass), Chad Mitchell (drums), Rob DeCoste (guitars), Clayton Horne (drums) and Peter Mestre (vocals).

Andrews would go on to form Barra Xul the same year while recruiting Raland Kinley and fellow former band member Scott Armstrong.

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Nation Canada
City Truro, Nova Scotia
Promotional Address Unknown
Genre Death Metal
Formations 1
Web Unknown
Active Years 1997-2012
E-Mail Unknown
Last Modified 2022-11-25
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