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Betrayer (2001-2004): a Thrash Metal band from Belo Horizonte, Brazil.
OK, these guys only released one album Battles for the Unknown in 2001 with the membership of Renato Kojima (bass), Omar Cardoso (drums), Eder Marques (guitars) and Lêxa (vocals) before changing their name to Escarpus in 2004 to release Fear (2004) under the membership of Chico Cardoso (drums), Eder Marques (guitars), Lêxa (vocals), Elvis Ciseski (guitars) and Renato Kojima (bass) and were not heard from again.

Betrayer (Brazil) live before they changed their name and partial membership.

Dashboard for Betrayer

Nation Brazil
City Belo Horizonte
Promotional Address Unknown
Genre Thrash Metal
Formations 1
Web Unknown
Active Years 2001-2004
E-Mail Unknown
Last Modified 2022-11-25
Diskery ID 1632

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