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Styptic (2000-present): a Heavy Metal band from Serbia.
In the beginning of 2000 a group of five painters tried to form a band in order to kill a lot of spare time. It was a rocky start, for the only thing that this group of painters achieved was one rehearsal and to waste many days trying to find a proper name. Styptic, the name chosen, was taken from the dictionary and means "a remedy that staunches bleeding". As time passed, Milan (drums) and Well-bee have continued to work, to be joined shortly later by Stevan (bass-guitar).

By the time the band written twelve songs they started to get gigs at High School of Arts, The Underground Club, Dom Vojske and HC Festival in Cegar and the guitar festival in Topola). In the beginning of 2002, Father (vocals) and M.Proke (guitar) joined the band. The first song Single was recorded. The song was well accepted by the local radio stations and the band continued to work on new songs and had a few well attended performances which resulted in the offer to record three songs for the South Siders compilation. By the end of the year, 3 songs: Childhood, Way and New Kind (which was made out during the recording) were frequently being broadcasted by the local radio stations. The show at the Symphony club, however, would be the last time Milan played with the band for he was soon after replaced by Fly for the sellout audience in Banovina.

The year 2004 started with the concert in Dom Omladine in Belgrade, and in Niš the band played their first solo-gig at the Distorzija club. But shortly later, Stevan left the band before the recording of five demo songs for the release of the demo Junk Yard. For that occasion Vlada Karadžov recorded the bass-lines. After the recording had been finished the band, together with Ivan Hadži Zdravkovic, shot a video for the song Blocked. At that period, new bass-player Archy joined the band and they started to promote the newly recorded material.

Soon after, the band was offered to play on the first Cupa rock Memorial 2005 and they won the first prize "VEDA". Then they had performances on Nisnomia '05 and Tattoo-Expo festivals.

In February 2006 Archy's place was taken over by Daliborus. They recorded their second Promo EP: Mode, which included 6 songs. As of 2008, the act was working on their first album called Noesis. The album will include 9 new songs (out of 28 band's songs), one of which is acoustic!

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