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Caveat (2002-2008, 2015-present): a Progressive Metal band from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Calgary, Alberta's Caveat released their debut album, The Biggest Secret, in May 2004, to favorable reviews from the local music community. More than a year later, the group returned with a self-titled EP that had their local fans banging their heads in approval.

In December of 2001, local vocalist/guitarist Greg Musgrave (ex-Toke/ex-Stonewater/ex-One Step Down) recruited former industrial rockers Cryptomnesia's bassist Terry Baldwin to join himself and drummer Jawad Boloch in what would become Caveat. The original intention of the members was to have two completely different styles intermixed into one band, enabling Caveat to perform a heavy set or a completely acoustic/melodic set at any performance.

However, the next year saw a number of changes to both the line-up and the sound of Caveat. Boloch announced he was leaving the band early 2002 and was replaced by former old school style drummer Rodney Maxwell. Meanwhile the addition of Baldwin allowed the band to incorporate a second voice and delve into the world of harmonizing and cross vocalising, which would soon become a key ingredient to the Caveat sound. Also during this time, the writing style of Musgrave and Baldwin was getting more experimental, resulting in a heavier and more progressive sound. Instead of keeping Caveat as two separate definitive styles, it was decided to use more of an experimental/progressive approach, combining the heavy and acoustic elements into a multi-layered sound.

In July of 2003, British Columbia, Canada rhythm man Casey Rogers (ex-Stonewater/ex-Amoral Minority/ex-Self Control) replaced Maxwell on drums. This addition was to have a noticeable impact on the music of Caveat as Casey brought both the diversity and progressive edge needed to elevate the whole sound of the band to the next level, as well as a third voice to experiment with.

Following the release of The Biggest Secret, with the members of Caveat already leaning towards a heavier sound, the band realized their desire to broaden their sound with the addition of a second guitarist. This led to ex-Thorazine guitarist Joe Sikorski (ex-Blacksky) joining the band in July of 2004. Sikorski's raw talent and creative edge defined the characteristics needed to bring Caveat's sound to a multi-layered musical experience.

With all the pieces finally in place, Caveat prepared for their second recording sessions by playing a consistent schedule of live shows in and around western Canada. The act then recorded their self-titled EP showcasing 3 new tracks and 2re-recorded, heavier versions of tracks from The Biggest Secret. The new EP marked a significant growth in both song writing & dynamics. Ignoring the traditional metal song-writing format in favor of a more experimental approach, Caveat created a distinctive, multi-layered sound, blending booming death metal vocals with melodic three part vocal harmonies and ever-changing time signatures. The result would carry on with the release of Red (2007). But a year later, and just as the act was gaining momentum, they decided to quit.

Now with the line-up of Casey Rogers (drums/vocals (backing)), Joe Sikorski (guitars), Greg Musgrave (vocals/guitars) and Matt Petti (bass), Caveat would reform to release Consummation (2016).

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