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Dominion (1993-1998): a Death Metal band from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.
Bill Hedal and Brian Owens formed Dominion in 1993. In the years that followed, the band had plenty of line-up changes including members of: Mike Curran (drums; 1993-1995), Scott Ellingboe (guitar; 1994-1996), Wayne Ens (guitar; 1994), Chad Ludwig (drums; 1995-1997), Shawn McDonald (guitar; 1995), Tony Reyes (guitar; 1994) and Scott Robinson (drums; 1998), but released their first CD Soul's Redemption in 1996. Due to several bands carrying the same name, and the continuous change of personnel, the band name was changed in 1998 to Demonicon. The older incarnation of the band being more technical and less brutal than the current band, who is known as one of the most brutal US death bands. The last-up featuring Bill Hadal (bass; original member), Brian Owens (guitar; original member) and Corey Jones (guitar) would close the act in 1998 with Hadal and Owens moving onto Demonicon.Do not confuse this band with the other American, Swedish, Filipino, UK or Dutch band of the same name.

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Nation USA
City Minneapolis, Minnesota
Promotional Address Unknown
Genre Death Metal
Formations 1
Web Unknown
Active Years 1993-1998
E-Mail Unknown
Last Modified Unknown
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