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Axe Witch (1981-1987, 1991, 2007-present): a Heavy Metal band from Linköping, Sweden.
The Swedish heavy metal quartet Axe Witch originated in 1981 from the ashes of 1979 act Hazy comprising a mixture of former Hazy members as well as Iron Haze and Black Stone. Anders Wallencroft (vocals), Magnus Jarls (guitar), Mikael Johansson (guitar), Tommy Brage (bass) and Mats Johansson (drums). Starting life as a doomy thrash metal act they were unable to attract press interest after their first two albums and EP on the 'Neon' label, Pray for Metal (1982), The Lord Of The Flies (1983) and Visions Of The Past (1984) so they changed direction more toward the trends of the moment to fashion themselves in expensive fashionable clothes and fancy hair-dos much in the style of Motley Crue to release Hooked On High Heels (1985) featuring the line-up of Magnus Jarl (guitars), Anders Wallentoft (vocals), Magnus Hedin (bass) and Klas Wollberg (guitars; R.I.P. 1996). The record buying public was not impressed all the same, so the band split soon after.

The original membership of Anders Wallencroft (vocals), Magnus Jarls (guitar), Mikael Johansson (guitar) with Björn "Berta" Hernborg (bass; joined in 2012) would reform in 1991 and then 2007 but produced no albums.

Axe Witch

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Nation Sweden
City Linköping
Promotional Address Unknown
Genre Heavy Metal
Formations 3
Web Unknown
Active Years 1981-1987, 1991, 2007-
E-Mail Unknown
Last Modified 2022-11-25
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