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Dagorlad (1997-present): a Black Metal band from Brussels, Belgium.
Founded in June 1997, Dagorlad would be a "Dark Atmospheric Metal" project. The first demo On The Moonless Nights (1997) featuring the line-up of Patrick De Vidts (vocals), Philippe Gandibleu (guitar/keyboards/bass), and Stephane Halleux as guest vocalist was sent to various labels eventually landing them a deal with 'Two Moons Records' (a division of 'Mascot Records'). The first album entitled Incantations (1999), was a storm of raw guitars embellished with soundtrack atmospheres. The inspiration for the lyrics had been taken from horror movies from the 1930's and heroic fantasy novels.

In June 2001, they changed labels to 'The LSP Company' for their second album The End Of The Dark Ages (2002), a heroic fantasy concept finding its inspiration in comic strips, video games and fantasy films now with the line-up of Aod (vocals), Count Zaroff (guitars/bass/keyboards/programming) and Tinuviel as guest female vocals. The music was recorded in their home studio again and made a critical impression with European heavy metal magazines like Mindview and Aardschok.

But the record deal was a one-off and the newest demo, Herald Of Doom, consisting of a selection of three songs to appear on their next album, emerged in 2003. That album would finally come under the same name in 2008.

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