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White Skull (1988-present): a Power Metal band from Vicenza, Veneto, Italy.
Influenced by bands like Blind Guardian and Grave Digger (the latter due mostly to Chris Boltendahl's guest appearances along with the other vocalists bearing vocals similarities to him), White Skull would originally feature Federica De Boni (vocals), Nick Savio (lead guitar), Tony Fonto (rhythm guitar), Fabio Pozzato (bass; replaced in 2003 by Fabio Manfroi) and Alex Mantiero (drums).

White Skull would release their self-titled debut demo in 1991. Their second demo Save the Planet followed in 1992, with I Won't Burn Alone in 1995, and Embittered (1997), Asgard EP (1999), Tales From The North (1999) the album that got them note in North America, Public Glory, Secret Agony (2000) and The Dark Age (2001).

Danilo Bar and Fabio Manfroi then took over from Savio and Pozzato respectively for The XIII Skull (2004), an album that received coverage from critics due to its flawed production, strained vocals and "sing along" popish choruses common to bands of their style. Nonetheless, they persevered to release The Ring Of The Ancients (2006; with Elisa de Palma becoming the new singer), Forever Fight (2009) and Under This Flag (2012). Will of the Strong arrived in 2017.

White Skull

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Nation Italy
City Vicenza, Veneto
Promotional Address Unknown
Genre Power Metal
Formations 1
Web Unknown
Active Years 1988-
E-Mail Unknown
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