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Diskery FAQ

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FAQ is for quick answers to frequently asked questions.
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  • Is Diskery Free?

  • Who Founded Diskery?
            Computer Programmer, Entrepreneur, and Author Derek McDonald

  • Where is Diskery located?
            Burlington, Ontario, Canada

  • When Was Diskery founded?
   was launched in September of 1999, however, previous to that it existed as a non registered entity (as a project connected to another website) since 1997.

  • Is Diskery for sale?
            No. And no part of it may be separated.

  • There is a 'Diskery' and 'The Diskery' are you related?
            No. 'Diskery' ( is located in Canada and is a museum to hard rock music. 'The Diskery' is a record shop in England. We have no relation with each other.

  • How is Diskery financed?
            Its founder, royalties earned from its technology, donations, on-line sales, advertising in that order.

  • How do I advertise on Diskery?
            Contact Google Adsense. Diskery does not directly accept advertising contracts.

  • How do I get my band listed at Diskery?
            Visit our Help knowledge base: BUSINESS OPERATIONS > HOW TO GET YOUR BAND LISTED

  • Is there a physical building I can visit?
            Not anymore - we are strictly on-line.

  • Where does your collections come from?
            Public and internal

  • A band I want to research is not listed. Why?
            Diskery is not a search engine. It only lists what is its database therefore someone has to enter it.

  • How much does Diskery depend on ads?
            Less than 1% and we plan to keep this number low.

  • I'm a radio DJ and like to talk of band histories, can I use content?
            Yes! But only spoken text. As long as you cite your source as during your broadcast.

  • How do I license material for my use found at Diskery?
            Go to our help knowledgebase: LEGAL NOTICES > USE OF OUR WORKS

  • I'm a developer and want make my app access Diskery via API?
            Yes! Visit our Help knowledge base: NAVIGATING THE WEBSITE > CONNECTING APPS TO DISKERY

  • What are Diskery's Hours?
            24/7 365 days per year.

  • Does Diskery sell music?
            No. Not since 2013.

  • Does Diskery sell merchadise?
            No. But we are working on it. Come back soon.

  • What music does Diskery support?
            Rock, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Punk, Heavy Metal, Indistrial, Goth, and sub-genres. We'd do more but we don't have the staff.

  • Why doesn't Diskery sell concert tickets?
            We used to. But due to the unethical and monopolistic methods of certain companies (nameless) we stopped.

  • Does Diskery support indie bands?

  • What compliance regulations does Diskery subscribe to?
            CPRA, GDPR, EPD, ARIA

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