Resume of Derek McDonald

IT, Applications Programming and Web Site Specialist

This is just a quick splash page to let you download my resume, please click on the link below to receive a PDF copy; contact information is contained within. Thank you for visiting my page. If you would like an example of my work, you are viewing it right now, this entire domain is of my own creation and is a continuous work in progress, feel free to browse the domain.

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I am an excellent team player but especially thrive on my own as a natural creative self-starter with experience in several industries who takes responsibility for himself and ownership of his duties. I have my own home lab complete with several computers boasting multiple operating systems and languages, spanning some 30 years of computing technology and unlimited Internet access. Have owned my own business and taken charge of several projects. Proven a very confident and fair leader; I have no troubles managing people. Willing to relocate depending on location and job. Sorry, sales is not a position I am interested in, however.

It is with hope that you /your firm and I will be a match! I look forward to moving forward in my career and taking an opportunity at making a difference to your company, the industry and (maybe) the world. Please take a moment to view my resume and consider me as a valued part of your team. I am a no-nonsense professional who believes in getting a job done!