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oland is not normally a place where one thinks of when one thinks of Death Metal but Vader is one of the few of said acts to emerge internationally. Under the original line-up of Peter (guitar/vocals), Jackie (bass) and Doc (ex-Moon; drums) they would release two demos in the form of Necrolust (1989) and Morbid Reign (1990) before releasing their their debut proper, The Ultimate Incatation, on Death Metal's popular ‘Earache' label in 1993; the 1990 demo release becoming the best selling demo in Death Metal history.Few may remember that Vader were the first band ever from behind 'the Iron Curtain' to sign to a Western label. Vader introduced themselves to the Western world by undertaking a forty-date European tour with label mates Bolt Thrower and Swedish deathsters Grave. Another, thirty-plus date tour with Deicide, Suffocation, and Dismember invaded American continent in May and June of the same year.

Now building a cult following, Shambo would replace Jackie on bass and they would add Mauser on guitar for their next effort, Sothis (1994). China (Real Name: Jaroslaw Labieniec;guitar) would replace Mauser for their Darkest Age - Live '93 would follow as a live set in 1994 now on the ‘Baron' label forCommunication breakdown with their label led to the termination of the contract with ‘Earache', one of many indie label jumps they'd make over their career. Producing much in the style of the standard Death Metal fare, Peter and Doc continued undaunted with De Profundis in 1995, but their 1996 Future Of The Past, with all members back in form, was not much more than a cleverly titled cover album featuring other act's stuff redone in their gory style. Peter, Doc and Jackie were the featured members on their 1997 Reborn In Chaos release before Black To The Blind (1997) saw Mauser return to step in to replace China and the band now on the German label ‘System Shock/Impact Records'. Vader was no longer a mere curiosity from a former Communist country and became one of the leading European Death Metal bands.This line-up would remain through the Kingdom (1998) EP and Live In Japan (1998; another live effort), Litany (2000; now on ‘Metal Blade'), Reign Forever World (2001), Revelations (2001), More Visions And The Voice (2002), as well as the Blood and Blood+Reign Forever World (double) mini sets in 2003before Novy (Real Name: Marcin Nowak;ex-Behemoth (Poland)/ex-Dies Irae) took over bass duties from the departing Simon (Real Name: Konrad Karchut) who had taken over briefly from Shambo. In 2004 the band would release their newest studio album The Beast and an extensive promotional campaign including over 170 gigs. The recording session of the band's new album was to June of that year due to an unfortunate accident for Doc, replaced by Daray (from Polish band Vesania) and them signing to ‘Empire Records'.

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Nation Poland
City Unknown
Promotional Address Unknown
Genre Death Metal
Formations/Versions 1
Web Unknown
Active Years 1986-
E-Mail Unknown
Old RRCA File Code UC000288
New Reference Code 740

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