Celtic Frost

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ounded in 1984 by Thomas Fischer (a.k.a. Tom Warrior; vocals), Martin Eric Ain (bass) and Stephen Priestly (drums; who had replaced Bruce Day), all of whom previously were of the Satanic Thrash Metal outfit Hellhammer who had released the mini LP Apocolyptic Raids 1990 A.D. (1983), an album that met with critical disdain with most believing it was an amateurish affair. They had all left with Fischer from the former act when he decided that band had come to its creative limit. Signed to the German 'Noise' label, they launched the proto Death Metal set Morbid Tales (1984) later that year.

Morbid Tales was a landmark of sorts featuring guttural vocals with a grim and dark musical backdrop. To Mega Therion (1985) saw Ain replaced with Dominic Steiner. The album gained cult status but fell short of their full potential. Before the follow-up of Emperor's Return (1986), Reed St. Mark took over as drummer. Their third effort, Into The Pandemonium (1987) received critical acclaim for its flirt with avant-garde. It was their most experimental album. They were now on their way to mainstream stardom in the Metal world. It also saw the return of Ain, as well as a second guitarist Ron Marks.

At this time Gabriel decided to do a massive about-face; keeping Ain, he brought back Pristly and added Olive Amberg (guitar) and Curt Victor Bryant (bass), and dismissed the remainder of the band from their duties for the Goth/Thrash album, Cold Lake (1988). Cold Lake saw their music take a sharp change featuring a Glam Metal bent, a move, which saw fans walk away as fast as they could. Not surprising they had to take a step back. They signed to 'EMI' and regained some of their lost ground with the Vanity/Nemisis (1990) release. St. Mark would rejoin briefly from Mind Funk. There were rumors of new music but it ended off not to be when Fischer left to form Apollyon Sun. Parched With Thirst I Am Dying, a "best of..." compilation completed in 1992 would be their last recording.

Last recording for the band maybe, but not the last for Fischer who returned with Errol Unala (guitar), Dany Zingg (bass), Marky Edelman (drums) and Roger Muller (synth.) as Apollyon Sun to release their debut EP, the self-financed God Leaves (And Dies) in 1998 with their full length album, Sub (2000) following two years later, with Muller being replaced by Donovan Szypura there-after.

The rumors of Celtic Frost's revival have appeared to come true with work on a proposed new album titled Probe expected to be released in 2003 with the Warrior, St. Mark, Steiner line-up, not to mention Fischer being in negotiations to put out a Celtic Frost/Hellhammer anthology.

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Nation Switzerland
City Unknown
Promotional Address Unknown
Genre Thrash Metal
Reformations 2
Web Unknown
Active Years 1984-1992, 2003-
E-Mail Unknown
RRCA File Code REV00201
Diskery ID 342

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