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orknagar was founded by former Death Metal guitarist Oystein Garnes Brun of the act Molested to create a Metal band that would be able express his ideas on how the genre should go. To complete this task he hired a bunch of veteran Metallers: Garm (Real Name: Kristoffer Rygg; of Ulver/of Arcturus; vocals) himself on guitar, Ivar Bjornson (ex-Enslaved; synth.), Infernus (of Gorgoroth; bass) and Grim (Real Name: Erik Brødreskift; ex-Immortal (Norway)/ex-Ancient/of Gorgoroth; drums).

Speculating that the truckload of Metal talent in the act would sell records ‘Malicious' signed them and released their eponymous debut in 1996. Following the release, Infernus decided to leave making room for Kai K Lie. The first album created a stir amongst the Death Metal community but to put to rest any notion that it was a one-off wonder when The Olden Domain (1997) was released on ‘Century Media'. Using a variety of techniques and instruments to express their sound, the act showed their determination to not be clumped in with the Black Metal crowd, preferring the less than modest title of “Epic Metal”.

Borknagar then engaged on a heavy touring schedule, not to mention their recruiting of guitarist Jens F. Rylands, and replacing singer Garm with Simen Hastnaes (a.k.a. ICS Vortex). The Archaic Course (1998) set them up for international acclaim. Their subsequent tour with Napalm Death and Cradle Of Filth were without Grim, Kai and Bjornson who were replaced by temporary musicians. By the release of Quintessence (2000) Asgeir Mickelson replaced temporary musician Nick Barker (of Cradle Of Filth) with Vortex now takingon vocals and Lars A. Nedland (a.k.a. Lazare; Solfaid) replacing Bjornson and Lee. But shortly after the release another change was afoot with Vintersorg (Real Name: Andreas Hedlund; ex-Vintersorg) replacing Vortex on vocals and Tyr (Real Name: Jan Erik Torgersen; ex-Satyricon; bass for sessions). Empiricismwould be their 2001 release, but in 2004 Tyr amicably left the band due to his inability to complete his bass tracks for personal reasons, to be replaced for time being by drummer Asgeir Mickelson recording the bass parts for the follow-up, Epic, with Tyr returning for 2006's Origin.

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Nation Norway
City Unknown
Promotional Address Unknown
Genre Death Metal
Formations/Versions 1
Web Unknown
Active Years 1995-
E-Mail Unknown
Old RRCA File Code UC000044
New Reference Code 498

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