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Porno Coma


ontreal, Quebec, Canada had likely never heard anything quite like Porno Coma, nor will they ever again. They were born in 1997, and quickly went about work establishing them as the loudest and sickest band available. Under the influence of Bad Brains, Hellnation and Black Sabbath, they played with a varied group of artists including Gore, Dilemme, Embom, Grift, Shutdown, Sanatized, Decayed Remains, Martyr, Dirge, Xplicit, Noize, etc. According to their press kit, they also got inspiration from "Alien 4, bongs & buds, Bernie, Jim Carrey, Lebanese food", and various sexual acts I won't mention here. In fact, much of their attention seemed to be directed towards sex and various pleasures there-of. Their premier recording, Ambassadors of Embarrassment (1998), was 37 minutes of Metal and Punk hybrid noise that highlighted their choice of extra-curricular activities.

Laurent Seiter (bass), the mastermind behind the sick brutality, along with fellow purveyors Olivier Contois (vocals), Mathieu Bergeron (drums) and Charles Bernard (guitar) would release several compilations featuring bands they knew (all of similar style) including the titles 664, and the double set Culinary Nostalgia West. They were also featured on 'Emperor Multimedia's' premier 1999 release The Alliance. Seiter would also start the side project Doris.

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Nation Canada
City Montreal, Quebec
Promotional Address 27A. 1271 Visitation, Montreal, QC. Canada. H2L 3B6.
Genre Punk
Formations/Versions 1
Active Years 1998-
E-Mail Unknown
Old RRCA File Code ERF00002
New Reference Code 3

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