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YL (as they preferred to be called) took the J.R.R. Tolkien Lord Of The Rings novel inspired “Sylmarillion” name in 1994, years after it had been abandoned by the British act Marillion, who originally went under the Sylmarillion moniker.

Sylmarillion's first publication was a 3 song EP; each track charting in the Top 10 on the college radio circuit IN 1998. Live performances and Internet marketing would play a strong role in gaining them a wider audience. Some of their other unique promotional ventures were the inclusion of their music for WAME on-line games, and appearing in short educational vignettes on the Canadian children's cable TV station YTV, and all-Cartoon network Teletoon with cartoon character "Eddy The Eco Dog". 2003 would be their coming out of sorts for the membership of Tim Riedel (vocals guitar and band founder), Chris Muller (drums; ex-Mr. Bigglesworth), Danny McKenzie (guitar) and Doug Grabowski (bass) for they headlined at shows in their home province of Manitoba while sharing the stage with bigger acts on tour outside. The year also saw the release of their debut self-titled album of modern Alternative Pop Rock.

Footnote: Do not confuse this Sylmarillion with the original name used by the British act Marillion.

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Nation Canada
City Winnipeg, Manitoba,
Promotional Address 1000 - 11 Penrose Place. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. R2J 1R8
Genre Rock
Formations/Versions 1
Active Years 1994-
E-Mail Unknown
Old RRCA File Code ERF00326
New Reference Code 186

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