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intersorg started up as a full line-up band under the name Vargatron (Wolfthrone) in 1994 with the intention to take Black Metal into new dimensions. The goal was to blend in clean vocals, acoustic guitars and heavy riffing, a concept that has since become common. But after several line-up changes the whole thing was closed in 1996. The vocalist and guitar player Vintersorg (Real Name: Andreas Hedlund; ex-Borknagar/ex-Otyg/ex-Havayoth/ex-Fission/ex-Seasons Of Storms; bass/guitar/keyboard/vocals) then decided to continue alone, playing all instruments. The MCD Hedniskhjärtad, released in the summer of 1998, was the result. And later that year a full-length album Till Fjälls saw daylight. Vintersorg´s passion for folk music was quite obvious and on the Ödemarkens Son (1999) follow-up it was clear that it would be an important part of his music.

On Cosmic Genesis (2000), Vintersorg wanted to explore new grounds to continue his journey. A more progressive and gloomy atmosphere was approached, as well as a larger variety of vocal styles and arrangements, nevertheless still keeping the old essence. Featuring several session and tour members but with only Mattias Marklund (guitar; ex-Otyg) as the only other full time member he continued on to release Visions From The Spiral Generator (2002) and The Focusing Blur (2004) on ‘Napalm Records'.

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Nation Sweden
City Unknown
Promotional Address Unknown
Genre Black Metal
Formations/Versions 1
Web Unknown
Active Years 1996-
E-Mail Unknown
Old RRCA File Code UC000804
New Reference Code 1250

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