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The Kill


he Kill was born from the ashes of Open Wound in the summer of 2000. With Roby on guitar and Jay on drums they discovered the “Geelong Red Neck” Neil former of Undinism to produce a Grindcore assault.

After grinding for a year, they recorded several songs, 11 tracks were licensed for a demo released by Dave on ‘No Escape Records'; the resulting cassette, The Kill (2000), was limited to 100 copies only. Some of the tracks were incorporated on 2 separate split EP's, the first 7 tracks taken from the demo were also released by Andy on ‘Mortville Records' on a split 7" EP with Swedish act Retaliation titled simply The Kill/Retaliation; 700 copies were pressed, the last 4 tracks taken from the demo were released by Daniel, on ‘Dry Retch Records' on a 4-way split 7" EP titled Wrong Side Of The Tracks (2001) with Canadian act Dahmer, Czech band Needful Things and American act Lucifer Larynx; 1000 copies pressed.

Approximately one moth later The Kill died, due to Jay leaving the band; 11 months later, however, Jay than decided to reunite and continue to Thrash with the band once again. After playing many shows throughout Australia with local, interstate and overseas bands, another 14 tracks were recorded at a friend's house for a case of beer. The Kill soon after then parted with Neil. After a few weeks rest they managed to get Tony from Blood Duster to take on his roll in the band. But once again, Jay decided to leave for the second and last time and the band split again.

Left with 14 tracks recorded for the MCD on ‘No Escape Records', 12 of those tracks would be split and shared for two separate split 7” EP's with both Swedish acts Birdflesh on ‘Regurgitated Semen Records' titled The Soundtrack To Your Violence (2003), and Regurgitate on ‘Bad People Records' titled The Kill/Birdflesh Split (2003).

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Nation Australia
City Melborne
Promotional Address Unknown
Genre Thrash Metal
Formations/Versions 2
Web Unknown
Active Years 2000-2000, 2001-
E-Mail Unknown
Old RRCA File Code UC000739
New Reference Code 1185