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The Vectors


he archives are incomplete as to the detailed history of these guys. What is recorded is that they came from Fullerton, California in 1971, the years when the L.A. clubs were still influential, and these guys played them all. They came about during the rise of Punk Rock; old school Punk Rock to be exact. Their first "hit" would be their Death To Disco single. They hit their peak just as the Punk movement was beginning to wane with their 1981 release The Vectors EP. Their lyrics challenged the ideals of Pop culture (the most famous of which was their aforementioned Death To Disco). But just at their peak they were forced underground with the rest of the Punk crowd.

Tired of the modern trends of "B.S. Boy Bands, Brittany Wannabees and Baggy-Trousered White-Boy Rappers", as their bumf says, they returned in 2001 to celebrate their anniversary with The Vectors Behind The Orange Curtain: 20 Years Of Hits And Giggles, a sort of 20 year "best of..." compilation. At time of printing the membership featured Dave Gucclone (guitar/vocals), Dan Rosman (a.k.a. Taj Vida; guitar/vocals), Michael Moore (bass), Stan Embry (guitar/back. vocals), and Johnny Pyburn (drums).

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Nation USA
City Redondo Beach, California
Promotional Address 1007 S. Catalina Ave., #113 Redondo Beach, CA. USA. 90277
Genre Punk
Formations/Versions 2
Web Unknown
Active Years 1971-1981, 2001-
E-Mail Unknown
Old RRCA File Code ERF00173
New Reference Code 112