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an-Thy-Monium would be one of many side projects of Dan Swanö, and boasted mostly people associated with him from the past, including Robert Karlsson (a.k.a. Derelict; ex-Edge Of Sanity; vocals), Dag Swanö (a.k.a. Aag; ex-Nightingale; guitar/sax), Robban Ivarsson (a.k.a. Mourning; guitar), Dan Swanö himself (a.k.a. Day Disyraah; ex-Nightingale/ex-Dan Swanö/ex-Edge Of Sanity/ex-Godsend/ex-Bloodbath; bass/keyboards) and Benny Larsson (a.k.a. Winter; ex-Edge Of Sanity/ex-Godsend/ex-Ophthalamia; drums). Presenting a unique take on death metal, Pan-Thy-Monium with incomprehensible vocals, growly even by death metal standards, offered a larger deal of diversity, most specifically with the sax breaks and constantly changing riffs. The band debuted with Dawn Of Dreams (1992; although they had two previous attempts with the.Dawn Demo/Tape in 1990 and Dream II 7" EP 1991) and followed it up with Khaoohs (1993), Dream II EP (1995) and Khaoohs & Kon-Fus-Ion (1996). A critic once stated that this band seemed to have a predetermined start and end and that it might have been planned all along, for despite talk of a reunification the band split a disappeared almost on queue there-after.

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Nation Sweden
City Unknown
Promotional Address Unknown
Genre Death Metal
Reformations 1
Web Unknown
Active Years 1992-1996
E-Mail Unknown
RRCA File Code UC000639
Diskery ID 1085

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