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Diskery has an extensive database to help you and improve your experience.

The database contains a list of FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) categorized by subject and sub subject. When you click on the question mark icon you will enter the general Help directory. Select from the menu on the right to see the information contained within. Scroll down your screen to see more subject titles.

When you have selected a subject to view, under the subject text will be a sub-list featuring other subjects covered by that topic that may be of interest to you. Click on any, another subject on the right, or "Close Help" to dismiss the help database.

The help database is launched in a separate window and will leave your original artist search screen present.

There are other icons which launch the Help system as well and take you directly to the subject of point. The exclamation mark, clicking on the question mark beside a search entry box, and the "Terms of Service" text at the bottom of each screen are such examples.

If there is a subject you need help with that is not listed in our FAQ database, please contact us to suggest it.

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