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Diskery has one programmer -- ME!

Diskery is not my only 'job' but it consumes a large part of my spare time and this needs to be understood when approaching me for your projects. This project will always be demanding my attention. Nonetheless, there are plenty of hours left in the day.

Maturity, quality, professionalism is what I offer... and have for years. Try me out and judge for yourself.

Prices? To be negotiated: they depend on the nature of the project: it's time requirements, location, equipment/software needed, speed at which you want it done, etc. Please understand: I am not cheap. I am a full software developer, not simply a web programmer so if you are interested in a "quick and dirty" website, you might want to check out someone else. Sorry, there are no 'discounts'.

Please, let's dispense with the inevitable question up-front: No, I will not give you the source code to Diskery. If you want a system like Diskery for your product or service, that is another matter. To do otherwise is illegal. A system like this, however, will be expensive to create.

Click on the button below if you wish to find out more or to contact me, the link will take you to my resume and experience portfolio, as well as contact information.

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