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Rollins Band

  (Band ID: 671)   

Selected Discography

Hot Animal Machine Studio Album 1987
Big Ugly Mouth (Solo) Studio Album 1987
Drive By Shooting Mini ALbum 1987
Life Time Studio Album 1987
Do It! (Studio Outtakes) Live 1988
Sweatbox (Studio & Live) Live 1989
Turned On Live 1990
The End Of Silence Studio Album 1992
The Boxed Life Compilation 1993
Weight Studio Album 1994
Black Coffee Blues Spoken Word 1997
Come In And Burn Studio Album 1997
Get Some Go Again Studio Album 2000
Yellow Blues Studio Album 2001
Nice Studio Album 2001
The Only Way To Know For Sure Live 2002
End Of Silence Demos Compilation 2002

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