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Domain (Germany)

  (Band ID: 159)   

Selected Discography

Lost in the City (as Kingdom) Studio Album 1987
Our Kingdom (Lost In the City re-release) Studio Album 1988
Lost In the City (as Kingdom) Single 1988
We Got Love (as Kingdom) Single 1988
Before the Storm Studio Album 1989
Crack in the Wall Studio Album 1991
Collection 86-92 Compilation 1992
One Million Lightyears From Home Studio Album 2001
New Horizons EP 2001
The Artefact Studio Album 2002
The Sixth Dimension Studio Album 2003
Last Days of Utopia Studio Album 2005
The Essence of Glory Compilation 2005
Stardawn Studio Album 2006
The Chronicles of Love, Hate and Sorrow Studio Album 2009

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