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Lord Belial

  (Band ID: 1525)   

Selected Discography

The Art of Dying Demo 1993
Into the Frozen Shadows Demo 1994
Kiss the Goat Studio Album 1995
Enter the Moonlight Gate Studio Album 1997
Unholy Crusade Studio Album 1999
Angelgrinder Studio Album 2002
Doomed by Death (Split) Studio Album 2002
Purify Sweden Single 2003
Scythe of Death EP 2003
The Seal of Belial Studio Album 2004
Nocturnal Beast Studio Album 2005
Revelation Studio Album 2007
The Black Curse Studio Album 2008
Ancient Demons Compilation 2008
Invocation (of the Northern Prince of Evil) Compilation 2014
Black Metal (Box set) Compilation 2014

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